Should I Use A Grid System For My Gravel Driveway?

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The Quick Answer

Gravel grid systems are built up of several Gravel Mats joining together to cover the entire area of the project. They will give you a much stronger surface but come at an added cost. If you are looking at having either a Gravel driveway or a Gravel patio/pathway, the likelihood is that you are either on a budget or you like the rustic decorative finish associated with Gravel. It is important to know everything about the paving solution you’re interested in before you any investment or commitment.

Gravel driveways/patios consist of loose aggregates that naturally shift when pressure is put on them. When in constant use you will see gravel displacement which causes grooves (eg. tyre tracks). Grid systems are designed to drastically reduce this movement and offer more structural integrity to the installation whilst being the most porous surfacing option available.

Gravel grids can withstand…
pressure per square foot

How Should A Grid System Be Used?

As stated before gravel grids do offer a solution to reducing aggregate displacement. This being said, using the Gravel Grids does not guarantee a solid product unless the preparation has been done properly prior to installing the grids.

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Steps To Follow

  • 200mm dig out of existing surface
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  • 6 inch depth of MOT installed and compacted over geotextile membrane
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  • Gravel grids installed on top of MOT
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  • Grids filled with 10mm limestone and compacted
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What’s the extra cost of Gravel Mats?

The cost of the gravel grids varies depending on suppliers. Prices can vary from as little as £6pm² to over £20pm². We recommended finding a happy medium within this range. The quality of the grids at the lower end of the pricing spectrum will be far inferior to the quality of those in the middle or the top end.


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