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Gravel Driveway Designer

Our Gravel Driveway/Patio designer allows you to tell us exactly how you want your driveway/patio to look. We have a team of dedicated designers waiting to help you turn your idea into reality. Included in the affordable price of £30 is 3 realistic designs to help you make a better decision on which surface will best suit your property.

How It Works

  • Use the gravel slider to decide which colours you'd like included in your designs
  • Use the drop down options to pick your final colour choices and choose which style of block you'd like to border the gravel options
  • Take a photo of the area where you would like your new driveway/patio to be
  • Tell us any project specifics you'd like included in your designs. (For Example.. included a step at the entrance of the house and a planter to the right of the driveway)
  • You can include your own sketch to guide us with our designs if you wish

Colour Choices

Use the arrows to browse through your colour options.

Salmon Pink
Polar White
Black Ice
Golden Gravel
Green Granite
Red Chippings
Pea Gravel
Staffordshire Pink
Blue Chippings
Please select up to three combinations below
Please upload a photo of where you would like a new driveway/patio/pathway at your home
Please provide information regarding any project extras you would like included
If you would like to include a sketch of your ideas then please feel free to do so
3 Gravel Driveway Designs (including Bespoke product add ons)  | £30.00
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