How To Find The Right Pattern Imprinted Concrete Installer

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Choosing the right Pattern Imprinted Concrete installer to carry out your project can be an absolute nightmare. Sometimes it can seem difficult to find someone who you like and trust as all salesmen seem genuine at first. The driveway industry is full of highly skilled and trusted contractors, however it is worth mentioning that there are rogue traders out there trying to win jobs like yours.

The Driveway Hub’s purpose is to get you clued up so that you can spot these rogue traders when they come knocking. We have also generated a selection of hand picked contractors across the nation who we have vetted ourselves. If you’d like to receive up to 3 quotes from our reliable Imprinted Concrete installers then please follow the link or fill out any of the forms across the site.

Our definition of ‘The Right Imprinted Concrete Installer’ is not necessarily the most popular, or the most expensive. It’s the company that takes pride in their work and genuinely does their best on every project. The experienced, time served professionals able to adapt to different projects and carry them out to the highest of standards. It’s also the friendly, helpful company that aim to offer a 5* service at a 3* cost.

questions, Questions and more Questions

Make sure you jot down some questions ready to ask the Imprinted Concrete contractor before a quotation.  Any reliable Imprinted Concrete contractor will be able to answer the hardest of questions in their field with nothing but confidence.

You should also ask yourself some questions after you met with a contractor. Think about the following checklist:

  • Trust – Did you trust them instantly or does your gut tell you there’s something not quite right?
  • Respect – Were they respectful of your home? (did they walk over your grass? Did they take their shoes off when entering the house? Did they greet you with a handshake?
  • Punctuality – Did they turn up on time? If not, did they keep you up to date on how long they will be?
  • Presentability – Were they wearing a company uniform? Was their vehicle sign written?
  • Previous Installations– Do they have installations you can take a look at in the area?
  • Reviews– Have you looked at their reviews over a series of platforms? Are you happy with what past customers have had to say about them?
  • Insurances– Is the company registered as a legitamite company, and are they insured to carry out the works?
  • Experience– How long has the company been trading, and how much experience does the team have?
  • Price– Is the contractor within your budget? Do you need to re-assess your budget?
  • Timescale– Does the contractor’s diary suit when you would like the works to proceed?
  • Reputation– What is said about this company online/ locally? Do they hold up their end of the bargin? Are they known for being over priced?
  • Guarantees– Does the company offer any guarantees on their work, if so for how long?

If you’re content with your contractor, their company and the price they have given you, great! If not, feel free to fill out one of our simple forms to be matched with up to 3 local experts who have already been assessed based on all the questions above.

Top tips for choosing the right Imprinted Concrete Installer For You

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  1. Research: Don’t be worried about delving into google and finding out more about a company. A lot of homeowners assume because their neighbour or a friend have used them, then they’re bound to be professionals. We have found this to often not be the case. Trust the existing reviews out there.
  2. Question: A true professional will be ready for you to ask the most difficult of questions within their field of works. Before receiving a quote prepare a couple of questions ready to quiz the contractor on. Consider depths, material choice and base build up when thinking of questions to ask.
  3. Request: Our whole website revolves around providing homeowners like yourself with the knowledge required to choosing the correct installer, as well as connecting homeowners with our approved contractors. Use one of our forms to request a quote from your local contractor or visit the Find a Contractor page.

Salesman vs Tradesman

It’s a well known fact that a good sales person has the gift of the gab. After all, selling is their profession. you should be mindful of the following:

Sales people do not install the job themselves, and they sometimes won’t even have an imprinted concrete installer on their books. They often sub contract the work out to genuine tradesmen (who would have done the job a lot cheaper had you had gone with them in the first place).

All talk no action

So many homeowners will choose to spend more money buying from a well trained salesman who will often pass the work on to tradesman. This is an unfortunate truth we see all too often. The reason behind this is that genuine tradesman sometimes lack the qualities we associate with a ‘good’ salesman.

Too late to go bacK?

The irony is, most quality tradesmen are busy and are capable of finding their own work, resulting in the salesman having to settle for who they use to complete the job. This can lead to poor workmanship, even though you paid a premium to go with them as you liked the salesman who sold it to you.

Be careful!


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