How To Find The Right Contractor For Paving Slabs

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Choosing the right paving slabs company to carry out your project can be an absolute nightmare. Sometimes it can seem difficult to find someone who you like and trust as all salesmen seem genuine at first. The driveway industry is full of highly skilled and trusted contractors, however it is worth mentioning that there are rogue traders out there trying to win jobs like yours.

The Driveway Hub’s purpose is to get you clued up so that you can spot these rogue traders when they come knocking. We have also generated a selection of hand picked contractors across the nation who we have vetted ourselves. If you’d like to receive up to 3 quotes from our reliable paving slabs contractors then please follow the link or fill out any of the forms across the site.

Our definition of ‘The Right Contractor’ is not necessarily the most popular, or the most expensive. It’s the company that takes pride in their work and genuinely does their best on every project. The experienced, time served professionals able to adapt to different projects and carry them out to the highest of standards. It’s also the friendly, helpful company that aim to offer a 5* service at a 3* cost.


Consider how trustworthy the contractor comes across. This is applicable to both online presence and in person.

Some questions to ask yourself:

Do they have a website? If so, is it easily accessible?

Do they have platforms for customers to leave reviews on? If so, the reviews positive?

Do they come across genuine? Or do you have doubts about their authenticity?

Being trustworthy is a sign of a quality tradesman, if you feel like you can trust them and you’ve done your research, the chances are, you can.


Before committing to a company offering Paving Slab services, it’s worthwhile finding out how long the company has been trading for. If the company is in fact new, this shouldn’t necessarily cause alarm bells to ring as you have to remember that all established companies its were once start ups. With this said, it may be worth doing more research on a new company just for peace of mind. You can use Companies House, Google or social media platforms.  There are positives and concerns to using either; an established company or a start up. We have outlined somethings to bear in mind below.

TIME SERVED Paving Contractors

If you’re looking at getting a quote from a time served company, then the chances are you’ll receive a realistic guarantee based on the contractors previous work. Established contractors will most likely have a large portfolio of jobs that date back a while, so they will know how long their installations are likely to last.

It is important to note that, established contractors will more than likely have quite a long lead time. This means that you may have to wait for a period of time before the contractor is free to fit your installation. This is completely normal when dealing with sort after companies.

  • Peace of mind
  • Guarantee you can rely on
  • Experienced installers
  • Longer lead time
  • Can be more costly

NEWLY FORMED Paving companies

Using a newly formed company is not always a bad idea. You have to remember that all well established companies were once start ups. The difficulty comes with knowing if you can trust the contractors. If they’re committed to making their venture work, they will be looking for recommendations where possible as well as solid 5 star reviews. With this in mind, they will be trying to impress every customer in order to receive the positive feedback.

Even if they are a new company they should have a wealth of knowledge within the driveway industry and a number of years experience under their belts, through working with other companies. It may seem risky choosing a start up company but it’s often a move, especially if you’re trying to minimise cost.

  • Eager to impress
  • Full of fresh ideas
  • Looking for recommendations
  • More cost effective
  • Risk of inexperience
  • Potentially weak guarantee


%Paving Advice% Driveway Advice
  1. Research: Don’t be worried about delving into google and finding out more about a company. A lot of homeowners assume because their neighbour or a friend have used them, then they’re bound to be professionals. We have found this to often not be the case. Trust the existing reviews out there.
  2. Question: A true professional will be ready for you to ask the most difficult of questions within their field of works. Before receiving a quote prepare a couple of questions ready to quiz the contractor on. Consider depths, material choice and base build up when thinking of questions to ask.
  3. Request: Our whole website revolves around providing homeowners like yourself with the knowledge required to choosing the correct installer, as well as connecting homeowners with our approved contractors. Use one of our forms to request a quote from your local contractor or visit the Find a Contractor page.


The key is to find a company that’s eager for you work, but not desperate. That’s cost effective, but not cheap. And that’s experienced, but not worn.

We can help you find the perfect contractor in your area. The Driveway Hub are an affiliation of over 100 contractors that have all been vetted and approved to deliver high quality workmanship at a fair price. Please feel free to browse through our website, and when you’re ready, fill out the form below to be paired with your local expert.


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