How Much Does Block Paving Cost?

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The price of Block paving varies depending on size and area but you can expect to spend anywhere between £60pm² – £130pm². The decisive factors that directly effect the price are covered below. Read on to get a better idea of how much your driveway/patio will cost.

LOCATION & Block paving cost

The cost of living around London is significantly higher when compared with living in the North of England. This is a major factor that can alter the final price as much as 40%!

Readily available products from local builders merchants means cheaper prices on material. Although Scotland is considered to have cheaper living costs in general, logistics can often cause an issue. This results in contractors having to charge more to their customers to account for the added delivery costs they incur.

Opposite is a chart to give you an idea of how much you can expect to spend on an average sized standard block paved driveway.



SIZE & Block Paving Cost

It’s cheaper for a contractor to install a 100m2 driveway than it is installed two 50m2 driveways. This is because they can dedicate more time on that project, utilising their labour more efficiently as well as saving costs on travel, marketing and deliveries.

What this means is they can quite often do you a deal on their price. You shouldn’t expect a ‘double glazing special’ discount, where 50% is suddenly knocked off the total, but a 5%-10% discount is not unrealistic.

Let’s have a look at how that works out price wise around your area:



top tips to save money on your block paved driveway

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  1. A winter project. Driveway companies are often much quieter during the winter months. They can normally offer a small discount if you are happy for them to complete your project over Winter.
  2. Upgrade the area. This will obviously make the total cost more expensive, however the value for money will be greater as the contractor will be able to offer you a better price/m².
  3. Choose a cheaper block. Changing to a cheaper block can drastically decrease the price. Do some research on different styles of blocks and come up with a solution that sites within your budget.


Block paving has been around for centuries. In fact it was first formed from wooden cubes in the early 1800s! We quickly realised that wooden roads weren’t suitable for repeated use by horses and cart so we introduced the clay and concrete block paving.

So, what’s the difference between clay and concrete block paving? To keep it simple, clay blocks are often more expensive as they’re harder products to source and are also more durable.

Concrete block paving is far more widely used and (unless you live under a rock) you will have likely seen this on pavements, roads, driveways and just about everywhere else. It comes in an array of shapes and sizes but the style can effect the price so try not to get carried away if you’re on a budget.

Standard concrete block paving costs around £15pm² + VAT to purchase, whereas more premium blocks such as Tegulas cost around £22pm² + VAT. Clay pavers are far more expensive, often costing double at around £40pm² + VAT. There are also some beautiful Natural Paving pavers out there, however these can cost upwards of £80pm²!

Please remember to add the difference in price from the standard concrete blocks onto our estimates if you’re looking for something different like a Tegula or clay block.


The driveway industry is built up by a number of different tiers of contractors. You will find the scale starts with DIY enthusiasts attempting their own projects and finished with national installation companies who guarantee the work but can often be very expensive. We suggest finding a Block Paving contractor who lies somewhere in the middle.

The trick is to find a contractor who well established, reliable, trustworthy and within budget. These contractors will be able to offer a solid guarantee to keep your mind at rest.

When discussing pricing with a contractor we do not recommend asking for a breakdown of all costs as this is often seen as an intrusive practise which many contractors will not want to do. It is important to bear in mind that there are often multiple overheads that you may not have thought of which will have an impact on the price given. To prevent the need for an awkward conversation over price with your contractor, we’ve broken down the costs into a realistic pricing exercise.

A Situation You Might Find Yourself In

A Neighbour across the road has just had a block paving driveway completed. After driving past a couple of times, the progress and quality so far has left you impressed with the contractors.

After the project is completed, a leaflet comes through the door. It’s an invitation to take a closer look at the driveway.

As a result of the quality work and professionalism of the contractor, you decide to proceed with a free quotation. Following a thorough site survey and a discussion about the kind of surface you would like, the contractor tells you he’ll get back to you with a price but it will be somewhere between £5,000 and £6,000.

Later on you have a quick discussion with your partner, where you question the price, as it’s more than you thought it would be. As a result, you decide to do a bit of research into the cost of materials. You’re calculations may look something like this:

Expected Costs v Profit

  • Skip
  • Digger
  • Hardcore
  • Sand
  • Blocks
  • Labour
  • Profit

Actual costs vs profit

  • Digger Hire
  • Grab Wagon
  • Type 1 MOT
  • Sharp Sand
  • Blocks
  • Misc (steps, manholes etc)
  • Labour
  • Insurances
  • Van finance and petrol
  • Marketing
  • Maintenance
  • Accountant
  • Corporation tax
  • Profit

Profit Explained

Once the running costs of the business have been taken off, the profit margin is almost half that of what homeowners initially expected. When you take into account that a driveway contractor has to work around the British weather, and that on average they’re lucky to work 9 months of the year, the profit suddenly doesn’t seem as greedy, instead it seems like a fair trade for a quality, guaranteed job.


Choosing the right driveway company to carry out your project can be an absolute nightmare. Trying to find your way to an established, reliable, trustworthy contractor that you like can seem like an impossible task, but there are aplenty of these contractors out there.

Our mission at The Driveway Hub is to feed you with enough information so that you can spot the time wasters and move on to the quality contractors. We have formed a growing alliance of experts, vetted by ourselves for quality and cost efficiency. You can use any of the forms dotted around the website to get up to 3 quotes from our approved contractors.

Our definition of ‘The Right Contractor’ is not necessarily the most popular, or the most expensive. It’s the company that takes pride in their work, shows genuine enthusiasm in every project and puts the customers ‘wants and needs’ at the forefront of their operation. We want to see you matched with well established professionals who are able to adapt to different projects and carry them out to the highest of standards. We want you to be presented with a friendly, respectful and helpful company that aim to offer a 5* service at a 3* cost.

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