How Much Does A Tarmac Driveway Cost?

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The price of cost surfacing varies depending on size, complexity of installation and location. You can expect to spend anywhere between £60pm² and £120pm² on a tarmac surface. In London, the pricing is towards the higher end of the scale, whereas in the North East, they’re towards the lower end. In most places you can expect to pay between £70pm²-£90pm².  USE OUR COST CALCULATOR TO FIND OUT HOW MUCH IT WILL ROUGHLY COST.

LOCATION and cost

The cost of living in and around London is often significantly more than the cost of living in the North of England. This is a major factor that can alter the final price as much as 40%!

Readily available products from local builders merchants means cheaper prices on material. Although Scotland is considered cheap living in comparison with London, logistics is quite often an issue. This results in contractors having to charge more to their customers to account for the added delivery costs they incur.

Below is a chart to give you an idea of how much you can expect to spend on an average sized tarmac driveway:


  • Cost per m2

SIZE and cost

It’s cheaper for a contractor to install a 100m² driveway than it is to install two 50m² driveways. This is because they can dedicate more time on that project, utilising their labour more efficiently as well as minimising the cost of travel, marketing and deliveries.

This means they can quite often do you a deal on their price. Don’t expect a ‘double glazing special’ discount where suddenly they knock 50% off but you might see a discount of 5%-10%.

Now let’s have a look at how that effects the pricing around your area:


  • Cost per m2`

Top Tips TO drop the cost of YOUR DRIVEWAY

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  1. A winter project. Driveway companies are normally quiet during the winter months. They can normally drop the cost if you are happy for them to complete your project over Winter.
  2. Upgrade the area. This will obviously make the total cost more expensive, however the value for money will be larger as the contractor will be able to offer you a better price per m².
  3. DIY base. If you consider yourself handy with construction, you could consider the possibility of installing your own base. This will consist of excavating, installing a membrane, installing DoT 1 and compacting. Most contractors will not guarantee their installations if you pursue this method and some will refuse to quote it they’re not completing the full job.
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