How Much Does A Paving Slab Driveway/ Patio Cost?

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We are often asked, “How much does a paving slab driveway cost?”. This questions is impossible to answer without knowing details of what you require and the location and size of the job. The cost of Paving Slab driveways depends on the quality of the slab, the location of the job as well as the complexity of the installation. Paving Slabs come in a mass of varieties from cheap concrete slabs right through to porcelain tile slabs. You can normally expect your total Paving Slab driveway price to be anywhere from £60pm² all the way through to £170pm². 


The cost of living around London is significantly more compared with living further North. This is a major factor that can alter the final price as much as 40%!

Readily available products from local builders merchants means cheaper prices on material. Although Scotland is considered cheap living in comparison with London, logistics is quite often an issue. This results in contractors having to charge more to their customers to account for the added delivery costs they incur.

We’ve worked our estimates based on using average priced natural stone slabs, costing around £30pm² to purchase. If you choose a more expensive product, be sure to add the difference onto our estimates.

We have created a chart to give you an idea of how much you can expect to spend on an average sized natural stone patio:

40m2 Natural Stone Patio

  • Cost per m2

How Does style effect the price of paving slabs

Paving slabs come in all different shapes and sizes. Your budget will dictate what’s available to you. You can use our driveway cost calculator to discover what kind of paving solutions you can afford and then consider the available options.

Here’s some of the most frequent options:

Concrete Slabs: Most often seen on estates where the contractors chose to use these over tarmac. They’re no the most decorative solution, but a good option if you’re budget is tight.

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Black Limestone Slabs: A more decorative product available at selective builders merchants. These are mined from a natural limestone quarry and are infamously renowned for fading. A UV resistant sealer should be used to combat this and maintain their stunning appearance.

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Natural Stone Slabs: Often imported from India due to their large sandstone mines, these slabs come in a variety of vibrant colours and are a natural product resistant to UV damage. They are now widely available at most builders merchants.

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Porcelain Slabs: These are usually the most expensive options and are a difficult product to install due to their fragile structure when introduced to vibration (cutting, transporting). Once installed, these slabs will stand the test of time and maintain their classy, modern appearance.

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  1. Assess your budget: Have an idea in mind of how much you wish to spend on your project. Feel free to use our FREE tools to assist you with this. We have a price calculator and a simple measurements tool so you can easily estimate the size of your project driveway price calculator.
  2. Choose slabs within your budget: Look at the costs of slabs on local builder merchants websites to gauge an idea of how much extra you can expect to spend. For example: If concrete slabs cost £8pm² and porcelain tiles are £40pm², you should add or subtract the extra costing onto the estimate you get from our cost calculator.
  3. Consider the purpose: If you’re aiming to create a solid surface for parking purposes and you’re not overly concerned over the appearance, consider concrete slabs. On the other hand, if you’re looking at creating a stylish, beautiful area within your garden that you intend on using frequently, consider using more up market slabs such as; natural stone, granite and porcelain.

Paving Slab Driveway/Patio Cost – The Breakdown

The driveway industry is built up by a number of different tiers of contractors. You will find the scale starts with DIY enthusiasts attempting their own projects and finishes with national installation companies who guarantee their work but can often be very expensive as they have to account for their large overheads of showrooms, sales staff & huge marketing budgets. We suggest finding a professional installer who lies somewhere in the middle.

The trick is to find a contractor who is well established, reliable, trustworthy and within budget. These contractors will be able to offer a solid guarantee to keep your mind at rest.

When discussing pricing with a contractor we do not recommend asking for a breakdown of all costs as this is often seen as an intrusive practise which many contractors will not want to do. It is important to bear in mind that there are often multiple overheads that you may not have thought of which will have an impact on the price given.

To prevent an awkward conversation over the pricing of your paving slabs with your contractor, we’ve broken down the costs into a realistic pricing exercise based on a 40m2 patio sold at £110pm².

Expected Costs v Profit

  • Skip
  • Digger
  • Hardcore
  • Sand
  • Slabs
  • Labour
  • Profit

Actual costs vs profit

  • Digger hire
  • Grab Wagon
  • Type 1 MOT
  • Sharp Sand
  • Slabs
  • Misc (Steps, Manholes, Cement etc)
  • Labour
  • Insurance
  • Accountant
  • Van finance and petrol
  • Marketing
  • Maintenance
  • Corporation Tax
  • Profit

Profit Explained

Once the running costs of the business have been taken off, the profit margin is almost half that of what homeowners initially expected. When you take into account that a driveway contractor has to work around the British weather, and that on average they’re lucky to work 9 months of the year, the profit suddenly doesn’t seem too greedy, instead  it seems like a fair trade for a quality, guaranteed job.

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