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The Quick Answer

Finding a Gravel contractor who is within budget, is professional and highly skilled in their trade can be a difficult task. We will be going over a number of ways in which you can identify the Gravel professionals from the rogue traders. We are also here to connect you with up to 3 of our local vetted gravel installers if you wish to fast track the process.

4 Steps To Choosing A Gravel Contractor

Step 1… Recommendations

The first step to take when choosing a Gravel contractor is usually asking friends, family or neighbours if they know anyone who they trust/have used before. Asking a neighbour who has already had a gravel driveway installed may well be a logical step to take, but please note that a new driveway doesn’t necessarily mean a good driveway. You will still be none the wiser to how long the driveway will last.

Anyone can make a driveway look good to start with but any shortcut to the preparation work can result in long term deterioration.

Step 2… Check Reviews

If you have managed to gather a number of recommended gravel contractors the next step is to do some research on them. The best way to do this is with a mixture of simple internet searches to find an online profile for them. You can check their social media presence or find websites where they have been reviewed.

Past reviews are one of the steps we take to handpicking our local contractors.

Step 3… Are They Established?

Being a time served company may not be essential in your decision making, however  it should be considered. You should look at whether the company has been around for decades or if they are a start up company.


If you’re looking at getting a quote from a time served company, then the chances are you’ll receive a realistic guarantee based on the contractors previous work. Established contractors will most likely have a large portfolio of jobs that date back a while, so they will know how long their installations are likely to last.

It is important to note that, established contractors will more than likely have quite a long lead time. This means that you may have to wait for a period of time before the contractor is free to fit your installation. This is completely normal when dealing with sort after companies.

  • Peace of mind
  • Guarantee you can rely on
  • Experienced installers
  • Longer lead time
  • Can be more costly


Using a newly formed company is not always a bad idea. You have to remember that all well established companies were once start ups. The difficulty comes with knowing if you can trust the contractors. If they’re committed to making their venture work, they will be looking for recommendations where possible as well as solid 5 star reviews. With this in mind, they will be trying to impress every customer in order to receive the positive feedback.

Even if they are a new company they should have a wealth of knowledge within the driveway industry and a number of years experience under their belts, through working with other companies. It may seem risky choosing a start up company but it’s often a move, especially if you’re trying to minimise cost.

  • Eager to impress
  • Full of fresh ideas
  • Looking for recommendations
  • More cost effective
  • Risk of inexperience
  • Potentially weak guarantee
Step 4… Guarantees?

Most contractors will offer a guarantee against their work. We recommend not having works done by anyone offering any less than a 5 year guarantee unless valid reasons are given. Often times driveway contractors won’t offer a guarantee if they haven’t done the groundworks/preparation.

Guarantees always put homeowners minds at rest, however there is always a chance the company could shut up shop and leave you with a void guarantee. This is often a worry when using newly formed companies. I trick is to look for insurance backed guarantees or companies that have been established for a while to have the best chance of covering your works.

top tips to separate the good from the bad

%Paving Advice% Driveway Advice

  1. Research – It’s always a good idea to use tools like Google, to find out more about a Gravel contractor. A lot of homeowners assume because their neighbour or a friend have used them, then they’re bound to be professionals. Use the internet to find existing reviews.
  2. Question –  Any experienced gravel contractor should be able to answer the most difficult of questions in their field. If they are unable to answer with complete confidence then the chances are, they may not be too reliable. Consider preparing some questions to ask the contractors quoting your job.
  3. Request –  Our aim is to provide you with the knowledge required to choose a reliable Gravel Specialist. We are also here to connect you with our growing network of contractors who have already been vetted by our own team.  You can use any of the forms dotted throughout the website to request up to 3 quotes from our vetted Gravel contractors. Alternatively visit our Find A Contractor page.


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