Does Resin Bound Require Routine Maintenance?

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The Quick Answer

Resin Bound is low maintenance. It is the surfacing option that requires the least routine maintenance, in fact, a simple jet-wash once or twice a year will do the job. Resin Bound does not allow weed growth, does not require re-sealing and is oil resistant. Suppliers state, as long as an oil spill is dealt with in a timely manner the oil will not be absorbed into the resin and will fully wash off.

Due to the smooth surface, any damp/shaded areas that may have accumulated moss, will simply require a jet wash or hot, soapy water to be removed. The UV resistance aspect of resin bound ensures the surface stays looking beautiful for years to come.

Jet Washing and maintenance

The best way to maintain a resin bound surface is to periodically jet wash. The frequency at which this is required depends on the level of usage and the surrounding factors (trees dropping leaves etc.)

When jet washing the resin you should avoid using industrial power washers as these may be too powerful and may result in some aggregate displacement.

Resin Bound Resistance:

  • Oil- Resistant to stains, however any spills should still be removed as soon as possible.
  • Frost-  The natural porosity aspects of resin bound ensures frost resistance. Snow can still stick to the surface, however any water molecules flowing through the resin do not get the sitting time to freeze within the material itself.
  • UV Damage- UV stable resin must be used. UV resistance means a large tolerance to fading and discolouration of the product.
  • Slip- Resin bound has a natural slip resistance once settled, however this can take up to 12 months to occur so crushed glass (also known as GGG) needs to be applied to the surface to add a temporary layer of slip resistance.
  • Weed growth- Resin Bound is formed of tiny aggregates bound by glue. This allows water to pass through but does not allow weeds to penetrate the surface.

UV resistant resin vs Non UV resistant resin

Resin bound is an adapted and evolved version of resin bonded, which was a much less resistant material prone to issues.

Since its first introduction to the industry, the product has developed over the years. A few years ago UV resistant resins came to market and most contractors have since decided to only use this type of resin, as it is very resistant to fading and discolouration.

Unfortunately, as in every industry, not every installer cares about the longevity of the surface, for some it is all about the profit margin. For the sake of approx £5 per m2, some contractors stick to using an old version of resin, jeopardising the installation. We have a growing database of reputable and reliable contractors who do care and are here to help.

top Tips to minimise maintenance

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  1. Make sure your contractor intends to use UV resistant resin. This can have a massive impact on the durability of the surface.
  2. Low maintenance doesn’t mean no maintenance. If you begin to notice moss growth on the surface, this is a sign that it could do with a clean. Newly grown moss is a lot easier to remove than a build up that has been left for years.
  3. Don’t choose a very light colour if you travel over country roads or have a dog that loves rolling around in the mud, you will forever be cleaning tracked mud from the surface!


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