How Much Does Pattern Imprinted Concrete Cost?

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The cost of Pattern imprinted concrete (PIC) varies depending on the specific project, job location and area of the installation. On an average sized driveway 2-3 cars (50m²), you can expect to spend around £3500-£4500 in the North of England and £4,700-£6,000 around the South. Generally speaking the closer to London you are, the more expensive the driveway.

*The prices are based on the average installation. If it’s a particularly tricky area or there’s extras such as walls, fencing etc, then obviously the price will increase.

HOW TO GET A BETTER imprinted concrete price

  • Upgrade the area. If you’re looking for a better Imprinted Concrete price then consider getting a price for your pathway and patio at the same time. Contractors will often offer a better price/m² on larger installations. This is due to savings made on excavation, labour and time.
  • Be friendly. Most contractors will have had bad experiences with previous customers through no fault of their own, this just happens! Just as you would expect to receive the full respect of a professional and well mannered team of contractors at your home, contractors will expect the same. If you show respect and enthusiasm for your project then they will do the same and you may even be offered a discounted price!
  • Wait if you can. Winter months are renowned for being quiet within the Landscaping community, and this is no different for Pattern Imprinted Concrete contractors. Not many homeowners are thinking about having a new driveway or patio when it’s bitterly cold and pouring with rain nearly every day. Contractors will often offer better Imprinted Concrete prices over winter months to keep themselves and their team busy.


The cost of living around London is significantly higher than the cost of living further North. This is a major factor that can alter the final price as much as 40%!

The pricing often fluctuates depending on location, however this isn’t the only factor effecting pricing. Logistics can also be an issue should the installation be in a secluded area with with no builders merchants or concrete yards for miles. This can result in higher delivery charges for materials.

Below we have worked out an average price for a 50m2 pattern imprinted concrete driveway within different locations. This assumes the installation is fairly straight forward with no logistical issues.

  • Price per m2

COST OF pattern imprinted concrete – THe Breakdown 

It can often be difficult to know whether the Imprinted Concrete price you get is one you can trust. The driveway industry is built up by a number of different tiers of contractors. You will find the scale starts with DIY enthusiasts attempting their own projects and finished with national installation companies who guarantee the work but can often be very expensive. We suggest finding a Pattern Imprinted Concrete contractor who lies somewhere in the middle.

The trick is to find a contractor who is well established, reliable, trustworthy and within budget. These contractors will be able to offer a solid guarantee to keep your mind at rest.

When discussing pricing with a contractor we do not recommend asking for a breakdown of all costs, as this is often seen as an intrusive practise which many contractors will not want to do. It is important to bear in mind that there are often multiple overheads that you may not have thought of which will have an impact on the price given.

To prevent an awkward conversation over price with your contractor, we’ve broken down the costs into a realistic pricing exercise based on a 50m2 driveway sold at £85pm².

Expected Costs v Profit

  • Skip
  • Digger
  • Hardcore
  • Concrete
  • Labour
  • Profit

Actual costs vs profit

  • Digger Hire
  • Grab wagon
  • MOT type 1
  • Shuttering
  • Concrete
  • Misc (Steps, Manholes, Etc)
  • Labour
  • Insurance
  • Accountant
  • Van finance and petrol
  • Marketing
  • Maintenance
  • Corporation Tax
  • Profit

Profit Explained

Once the running costs of the business have been taken off, the profit margin is almost half that of what homeowners initially expected. When you take into account that a driveway contractor has to work around the British weather, and that on average they’re lucky to work 9 months of the year, the profit suddenly doesn’t seem too greedy, instead  it seems like a fair trade for a quality, guaranteed job.

Use the tool below to generate an estimate of how much your project may cost in your area


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