How To Choose A Tarmac Installer?

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The Quick Answer

Finding a Tarmac contractor who is professional, highly skilled and within your budget can be a difficult task. We are here to help if you are struggling. We have an affiliation of vetted and cost effective professionals so feel free to use us at your disposal and request up to 3 quotes from your local approved contractors.

Who are they?

Do they have countless 5* reviews? Are they active on social media? Do you know them personally?

When it comes to taking the plunge and hiring a Tarmac contractor for your works, you need to be 100% sure you’ve chosen the right one, as after all it is a big investment. Ideally they need to be within budget and offering quality workmanship.

You should be able to gauge a better understanding of the contractor by taking a look through their business social media pages and checking how many reviews have been awarded to them. It also helps massively if you have an idea of price already, to avoid being ripped off. Check out our pricing calculator to get a better understanding of how much your project may cost.

Where are they?

Always try to choose a LOCAL Tarmac contractor where possible. We advise this because national companies, although appealing with their marketing budgets and well spoken sales staff, have larger overheads and this is usually mirrored in their pricing. The ideal contractor will be within a 20-30 mile radius from you and will be eager to impress.

are they established?

We highly recommend using a Tarmac contractor who is well established and recommended. This however, may not be essential to you as we all know everyone has to start somewhere. Please just consider whether the company you’re looking into has been around for decades or if they are a newer company?

Time Served Tarmac Contractor

When receiving a quote from a well established company you will usually receive a decent guarantee of between 10 – 15 years. You know you can trust this guarantee as they will have jobs that have lasted this amount of time. Another thing to consider when getting quotes from experienced companies is that they may have a Long Lead Time (time from signing purchase agreement to actual installation).

  • Peace of mind
  • Guarantee you can trust
  • Experienced contractors
  • Long lead time
  • May be more expensive

Newly Formed Tarmac Company

There is nothing wrong with using a newly formed Tarmac company as we all know that all great companies were once start-ups. The tricky thing is finding a start-up that you can trust. Which ever contractors you choose have to be completely committed to making their venture work, and need to have a wealth of knowledge within the tarmac industry. You could also research their name on ‘companies house’. It may seem risky choosing a new start up company, but providing you’ve done your research on them and they are keen, the end results can be just as good, if not better, than established tarmac companies.

  • Eager to impress
  • Looking for recommendations
  • Often more cost effective
  • More enthusiastic
  • Risk of inexperience
  • Potentially weak guarantee

Top tips to finding the right Tarmac Contractor

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  1. Research: Don’t be worried about delving into google and finding out more about a Tarmac company. A lot of homeowners assume because their neighbour or a friend have used them, then they’re bound to be professionals. We have often found this not to be the case. Trust the existing reviews out there.
  2. Question: A true Tarmac professional will be ready for you to ask the most difficult of questions within their field of work. Once you’re ready to receive a quote, prepare a couple of questions around your tarmac project and try to gauge the confidence in their answers. Questions to consider: depths, material choice and base build up.
  3. Request: Our whole website revolves around providing homeowners like yourself with the knowledge required to be confident you have chosen the correct tarmac installer. Our approved tarmac contractors are the leaders in their industry. Use our forms to request up to 3 quotes from our local driveway contractors.


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