lead strength

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The majority of leads we receive have browsed our website where they are price conditioned and are well informed of the benefits of each surface option

Cost effective

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Pay as you go and recieve leads that are delegated to a MAXIMUM of 3 contractors. Use our free marketing promotion to show off your work on our homepage!

Time Saving

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Take advantage of our low delegated, verified leads and use our design services to increase your chances of winning leads. Maximise your time management with us.

A Dedicated team Destined to help you succeed

The Driveway Hub team has been formed by combining the knowledge and experience of time served paving specialists who know exactly what it’s like trying to juggle installations, book keeping, marketing, sales and everything else whilst having a family at home and trying to fit in hobbies! 

We know that it can be a stressful role. We are here to lighten your load and offer you a steady stream of high quality leads.

By generating the highest quality of leads, we are maximising your chances of successfully securing the homeowners business. How do we do this?

  •  Low lead delegation – We will only ever pass a lead onto a maximum of 3 contractors (decided by the customer).
  • Realistic price conditioning – Our cost calculator and blog pages are designed to give the homeowner a good idea of how much it will ACTUALLY cost them. 
  • Personalised introductory email – When you purchase a lead from us, we personally introduce you to the customer through an email along with a short message on why we think you’re perfect for the job. 
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Frequently asked questions

It is absolutely free to sign up and gain access to our portal. After registration, we will carry out our assessment process and let you know if you’ve been approved or not within 48 hours. 

Our price per lead depends on the quality of the lead, how many quotes the customer has requested and what subscription service you have. In general, our leads cost £25-£40 per lead.

Sometimes customers change their mind. If this is the case, let us know. We will double check with the customer and then reimburse you for the full amount if they would no longer like to proceed with a quotation from you.

We will only ever pass a lead onto a maximum of 3 contractors. We do this to give customers a chance to make comparisons whilst offering the lowest lead delegation service around. Customers are in full control of how many quotes they would like to receive (up to 3), so there will be times when you’re the only contractor giving a quote.

Unfortunately, we cannot gurantee that EVERY lead will be of the possible quality. It is impossible to control all leads, however we do have qualifying filters to help minimise these issues. We can assure you that: 

– The leads we generate will provide you with one of the most cost effective solutions

– Our company ethos revolves around honesty and reliability. Most visitors use our price calculator before posting a job. This results in premium quality leads.

When you go and see a customer to measure their driveway or patio, take a photo of the area and upload it onto our ‘design a driveway’ section on our website. Use the options to choose your designs. Would you like a design of a style we’ve not got? Send us a message, we’ll see if we can do it and if so, invoice you for the amount, We’ve tried to keep it simple to use, however if you’re struggling, give us a call on 0800 799 9659 and we will talk you through it. 

We want to help quality contractors win the right jobs. By presenting your customer with a visual design, they’re more likely to choose you.

On the contractors portal, navigate to ‘case study promotion’. Here you can upload photos and write about one of your favourite jobs. We’ll then jazz it up and promote it on our website and social media. Every approved installer gets a free promotion!

We’ll send you an email once you’re approved with the discount codes we currently have for suppliers.

Yes they can, providing they can offer our approved contractors an exclusive deal. Get in touch to discuss further.